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Claudienne Hibbert-Smith

has shifted the paradigm of what the premise of a teenage mother could ever be. Claudienne became pregnant at the age of 14. The stigma of ruining her life was completely thrown upon her shoulders. Unlike some who saw doom in her future as a result of her pregnancy, failure was not an option for her. 

Multi-Million Dollar Real Estate Producer.

Today, Claudienne Hibbert-Smith is a multi-million dollar real estate producer. The graduate from the University of Florida quit her job (Just Over Broke) and became a licensed real estate agent at the age of 21.  At the same time, she decided to purchase her very first duplex to generate passive income. Instead of buying things, she took her commissions and purchased multi-family properties.


Her goal was to CHANGE the narrative of the African American family further narrowing the wealth gap. As a result, she committed to purchasing 1 income producing property per year and have by far exceeded her goals.

Claudienne remembers when she entered the real estate space 20 years ago, it was white-male dominated but that was motivation for her- landing her first listing appointment in Star Island by way of cold calling!

Claudienne has produced over $300 Million in Real Estate Sales furthering the mission of creating 1000 Investors & Homeowners. Her goal for 2021 is to do $60 million dollars in real estate production and to continue learning and evolving. Keep a lookout for Claudienne’s TV show- Let’s Talk Real Estate.

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